NSM 2011 – Åbo – 3rd to 6th Nov

14 Nov

NSM 2011 took place in Turku/Åbo, KOT was there, here is a small report of the event… On thirsday 3rd, the KOT-team is  leaving Stockholm with the night ferryboat. This night was the warming-up of the weekend, that is to say: drinking duty-free alcohol, listening Martin and Christina play the guitar, … To make it short, most of us slept a small hour! Actually, the Norwegian on the boat were not the most quiet people ever…

who is hidden behind the guitar ??

Anyway, the Friday was the sleeping day, especially for Emil, who slept and snored in a classroom…with a teacher giving a lecture! Well, a visiting day, nothing special, just notice the pink attributes!


Then it’s time to join the school where we’ll ”sleep”. Pictures are better than words:


Arrived at the school first, we can choose the right spot and show our flag ! Yes, we are proud of the pink fur.


After a short nap it’s time to prepare for the night sprint, with obviously pink clothes! Not such a hard race, but I managed to loose myself…fortunately sweds are here to rise up the level :)


After a nice shower, time for OL-pub for a drinking evening (should i specify ”drinking” in all what I tell about?…).

Saturday, waking up, Martin is still drunk, and together with Emil, starts the breakfast with a sip of Girl (do not misunderstand, Girl is a pink alcohol quite strong, but very sweet, perfect for breakfast !).

Anyway, time to costume up! Hippie time! I think we can give Martin the hippie-award for his show all along the day :)

Once again, pictures will describe better, but we can remind the key-points: hippie, glögg, rope, glögg, drinking control, glögg, sauna tent, glögg. It’s up to you to imagine the story…

Kot-Team: Martin, Tina, Emil, Christina, Kristina, Yawer, Esther, Benoit


Once the glögg over, we can come back to the school and get prepared for the banquet. Obviously, the French guy doesn’t have a suit… once again, thanks Sweds for rising up the level…. Anyway, after a drinking orienteering race for Emil and Martin in the school (actually, 8 controls in 5 m²…) everyone suits up, and let’s go to the restaurant. Should i specify that we were hungry, very hungry… and we are still waiting for the main dish of the banquet :) But the (little) food was very tasty. then the restaurant turned into a dancefloor and party again ! But not for very long, most of people left quite early, so ”What about a Hesburger ???” Ok, big bacon burger before coming back to the school for sleeping. Actually, try to sleep, there was a party in the showers, and also some guys dancing completely naked in the room…what a nice surprise when you open your eyes because you heard a little noise through your earplugs!


Next day was relay day for some of us, swimming hall for the others. Relay was hard (wasn’t it?…), Lina and Tina did a great job, but Esther and me had some problem…Esther sprained her ankle, arrived very late at the finish line because she walked, and I had a bad time in the forest…i needed so much time that the guys were waiting for me at the last controls to remove them after me… quite a shame, but nevertheless, good experience !

Afterwards, we meet again for eating pizzas and burgers, and then wait for the boat! Emil and Tina had some faith to party again in the boat, but we slept quite well this night !

I would quote Tina as a summary of the weekend: ”the best NSM I’ve ever been to” !



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