NSM 2016!

3 Okt

Hi all!

On Friday 4th to Sunday 6th of November, NSM (Nordic Student Championship) in orienteering will be held in Tampere in Finland. This is a fantastic annual event where students from universities in Sweden, Norway and Finland meet for orienteering and party.

We are gathering a group from KOT and we want you to join! (Everyone can join, no matter your orienteering skill).

Sign up through THIS FORM latest Friday this week! Sorry about the short notice.

The weekend is (roughly) organized as follows:

  • Thursday evening:
    • (2014-10-3, 19:30) Boat trip from Stockholm to Åbo.
      • A bonus of having NSM in Finland is that we can travel by boat. The ferry is an excellent opportunity to shop for supplies and to start the party.
  • Friday:
    • We arrive in Åbo, take the bus to Tampere, find our accommodation and recover/prepare for the night sprint.
    • 18:00 – Night sprint (orienteering)
      • This is a short, easy course. We have extra head lamps, so you can borrow one from us if you want. Most runners will be in a decent state (not too drunk/hung over)
    • 20:00-02:00 – OL-pub (party)
  • Saturday:
    •  Long distance (orienteering/party)
      • You can choose either ”elite” (8-13 km) or ”party animal” (5 km).
      • Near the finish there will be a drinking control where tired runners can get refreshed, they usually serve both water and something alcoholic. Serious runners usually finish their race first, then go back to the drinking control to hang out. The last couple of years there has even been a sauna-tent.
      • As usual, KOT will form an expedition (well supplied with glögg and other essentials) to complete the party animal course. We have a tradition of dressing up according to some theme (which we will decide together) and tying ourselves together with a rope to make sure no one gets lost!
    • Banquet (party)
  • Sunday:
    • Relay (orienteering)
      • This year there should be 3 runners/team, each leg is around 5km.
      • Slight risk of hangover.
    • Bus trip to Åbo and Boat trip to Stockholm.
  • Monday morning:
    • We will arrive in Stockholm around 7:00, in perfect shape for class/work.


The estimated cost for the trip is around 2000 kr. This is divided as follows:

  • 650-900 kr: Boat trip and bus trip (both ways).
    • Depends on how we fill up the cabins (how many we are).
  • 400-600 kr: Accomodation.
    • Also depends on how many we are.
  • <900 kr: NSM organizers fee. It’s around 900kr if you want to do all of the activies (You can choose to skip some, e.g. the relay).
    • These activities include all the races, the OL-pub and the Banquet.
  • 300?:  Costume (if you want to be a party animal)

You will receive an email with the exact amount and payment details after we booked everything (this weekend).

Sign up through THIS FORM latest Friday this week!


Still not decided? Here are some pictures and a summary from previous NSM.

If you have any questions contact me at emilhy@kth.se!

Get psyched!!




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