Orienteering Theory

In this post you can find orienteering theory in Swedish.

In the sides below some orienteering theory in English is compiled.

What is Orienteering?

Here you can read about what orienteering is, how a typical course is and some of the skills that a succesful orienteer needs to have.

Orienteering Skills and Strategies

Here you can read about some basic orienteering skills and strategies, as how to orient the map, stay in contact with the map, how to reorient yourself if you get lost, how to follow handrails and break a route up.

Orienteering Technique for Beginners

Here you can read about the more practical parts of a orienteering race; how the controls look like, how the punching system is working, which the permitted aids are, how to read the map and the colors in the map, the scale and equidistance, how to use the compass and how to use a technique called tumbing.


2 svar to “Orienteering Theory”

  1. Arthur Akanga 13 september, 2014 den 14:42 #

    I’d love joining this Orienteering club.
    How do I sign up?

    • blofroth 14 september, 2014 den 22:34 #

      Just show up on one of our trainings! The membership fee is 100 SEK. But you can show up a couple of times to try it out before becoming a member.


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